Slide 1: Apron Front Sinks



"Apron-front sinks aren't just for farmhouse kitchens anymore," reports Sara Reimer, assistant home and garden editor for Midwest Living. "They look great in traditional, country, and contemporary settings, and their large capacity accommodates oversize pots and pans."

Sink Style: 10 New Forms and Functions for 21st-Century Kitchens

If it's been a while since you've shopped for a new kitchen sink, prepare to be amazed by the range of designs, features, and accessories on the market. The kitchen sink of today is more than just a place to do dishes; it's become a hub of activity where homeowners can prep food, facilitate entertaining, and make a style statement all at the same time. You might choose a model that coordinates with your granite counters or your stainless steel appliances. Or perhaps you'll find a no-touch faucet irresistible or opt for an integrated cutting board or colander that sits seamlessly above the sink basin. With so many available options out there, one can only wonder what our grandmothers would have thought!


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