5 Reasons to Celebrate Spring

I don’t know why this date seems like a late one to be celebrating the arrival of spring—perhaps it is because of the unusually mild winter and summer-like temperatures that we’ve experienced in the Northeast even in March and April. But it definitely is spring (summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th) and here are five reasons certainly worth celebrating the season:

New York City Street Container Garden

The container gardens lining many of New York City’s streets are once again a sight to behold. Who could deny the beauty of spring when passing a bloom-filled presentation like this? These flowers will be replaced with summer varieties soon; perhaps even one of the 7 New “Must-Have” Annuals.

Maple Tree On Sale

Spring—and fall—are definitely the times to take advantage of sales at local nurseries. I picked up this beautiful red maple for under $20 (and for that price would have gladly carried it home, had I not been able to wedge it into the back of my car). Did you know that the vast majority of tree roots are in the top foot of soil? Read more.

LABworks360 Spring Replanting

Of course, semi-annual deals at the nursery mean work at home, like relocating plants that have outgrown their current locations. I plan to create a border of boxwoods along the length of this laid-stone bed, something I discovered in Landscaping Made Easy.

LABworks360 Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs

Yard sales have started to pop up and, come Memorial Day, will become weekend-intensive shopping opportunities. I spotted these fabulous vintage metal mid-century lawn chairs on a recent drive-by, but discovered they were already sold for $10 each. Timing is everything. I’m certain there will be more discoveries, particularly architectural salvage.


Last but not least, spring always signifies “Chick Day’s” at my local Tractor Supply Store. I discovered the “event” a couple years ago and can’t resist checking out the chicks (which come in many varieties—and sell fast). The store’s website offers in-depth information on raising and caring for the birds, including advice from the “Chicken Whisperer.” If you’re interested in fowl, you will need to find a roost, so take a look at Urban Farming and The Art of the Chicken Coop.