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18 Reasons to Fall for Faux Bois

With the growing popularity of natural and organic elements in home design, one classic type of decor has gotten the chance to have a renaissance—Faux Bois.

Faux Bois, meaning “false wood”  in French, is the interpretation of wood and wood grain in materials as diverse as concrete and linen. It’s been around at least since 1875, when Joseph Monier first designed a bridge imagined after timbers and logs.

Perfect for the fall season, these wooden details add warmth and a woodsy touch to everything from wallpapers to pillows to planters. We’ve rounded up our favorite false wood pieces, any of which is sure to bring autumnal flare to your home, with no tree-chopping required.

1. Faux Bois Rug

Faux Bois Rug


2. Faux Bois Mug

Faux Bois Mug

Photo:; silverbeevintage

3. Faux Bois Dinnerware

Faux Bois Dinner


4. Faux Bois Lawn Furniture

Faux Bois Table and Chairs


5. Faux Bois Pillow

Faux Bois Pillow


6. Faux Bois Lighting

Faux Bois Lighting

Photo:; BootsNGus

7. Faux Bois Curtain Panel

Faux Bois Curtain Panel


8. Faux Bois Picture Frame

Faux Bois Picture Frame


9. Faux Bois Stairs

Faux Bois Stairs


10. Faux Bois Chair

Faux Bois Chair


11. Faux Bois Dogbowl

Faux Bois Dog Bowl


12. Faux Bois Side Table

Faux Bois Side Table


13. Faux Bois Planter

Faux Bois Planter


14. Faux Bois Placemats

Faux Bois Placemat


15.  Faux Bois Painting Technique

Faux Bois Painting


16. Faux Bois Lampshade

Faux Bois Lampshade

Photo:; ethanollie

17. Faux Bois Doormat

Faux Bois Doormat


18. Faux Bois Mirror

Faux Bois Mirror

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1. Rope-suspended bunkbeds

Rope Beds


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