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Weekend Projects: 5 Ways to Set Up a Home Recycling Station

Recycling is the right thing to do, but it isn't always the easiest, with unsightly bins hogging precious space in your kitchen. Streamline the effort with one of these DIY sorting station projects, any of which you can make before Monday.

If you live in one of the many municipalities encouraging—or even mandating—an effort to recycle, your day-to-day now includes a new task—collecting recyclable materials. As you dutifully sort glass, plastic, and paper, all that waste quickly accumulates until the night before pick-up, by which point the recycling seems to have taken over a sizable portion of your kitchen real estate. Reclaim floor space and organize the process more neatly with a homemade sorting station. It couldn’t be easier to set one up, although depending on your skill level and ambition, you may wish to build something on the more elaborate side. Check out these DIY recycling bins we culled from around the Web. Copy your favorite approach, or draw ideas on how to customize a design that perfectly meets your own needs.




This kid-friendly sorting station not only serves as a temporary storage place for recyclables, but it also encourages the use of scrap materials in future arts and crafts. By incorporating a pegboard and simple tools, Handmade Charlotte invites her children to imagine fun uses for things otherwise destined for the dump.



DIY Recyling Bins - Labeled Buckets


If you didn’t receive blue bins from your local government—or if you’re looking for a solution that would look equally at home on the curb and in the kitchen—take a look at how Sarah Hearts spruced up a trio of easily affordable, readily available buckets with no-cost printables that clearly mark the contents of each container.



DIY Recycling Bins - Filing Cabinet


As we rely less and less on printed paper, filing cabinets are becoming a thing of the past. So you’ve got to love the poetic justice of recycling one such cabinet into a sorting station for recyclables. Kristina at Grow and Make offers instructions on updating any file cabinet into a cheery-looking, effortlessly mobile home helper.



DIY Recyling Bins - Converted Cabinet


Green bottles, red plastic cups, and paper in every hue—left out in the open recyclables create visual clutter. For maximum camouflage, build a sorting station that matches the decor elsewhere in your home. The crafty homeowners at Projectophile did just that, converting an old cabinet into a new and stylish drop zone.



Cabinet Recycling Center


In kitchens with limited floorspace, consider housing your DIY recycling bins on top of, or even within, those elements of the room that are not going anywhere (e.g., cabinetry). Bruno at ManMade DIY custom-fit two corrugated plastic bins into the bottom half of his pantry. Stenciled symbols indicate what goes where.

Weekend Projects: 5 Crafty Paper Lanterns to Create Quickly

Let your individuality shine with stunning personalized paper lantern projects that will add a pop of fun in your home.

To add a delightful detail to your home, you need not invest heavily in the effort, either financially or in terms of time. Likewise, you need not struggle to make use of any heavy-duty tools or cumbersome materials. Instead, reach for something that you likely have an abundance of: paper. Colorful, versatile, and easy to work with, paper lends itself to a variety of DIY projects, perhaps none more special and eye-catching than a permanent or temporary lantern. Scroll down to see five of our favorite DIY paper lantern projects. We hope that among these designs—some simple, some more elaborate—you find at least one that inspires your own creativity!



DIY Paper Lantern - Garland


Make a set of traditional DIY paper lanterns and hang them via twine to create a decorative garland. Visit AO at Home for a step-by-step tutorial. What you’ll need to complete the project is only a small handful of common items that you may even have on hand already—a ruler, craft knife, stapler, scrapbook paper and glue.



DIY Paper Lantern - Pyramid


A handmade alternative to store-bought candles, this tabletop DIY paper lantern makes for an ideal kid-friendly crafts project. TinkerLab shows you how it’s done. Once you’ve folded, cut, and taped your way to a pyramidal shape, a hole puncher produces the unique shapes through which a battery-powered tea light glows.



DIY Paper Lantern - Faceted


With such an unusual texture, this remarkable DIY paper lantern seizes attention, no matter whether the integrated light is turned on or off. Start with a standard, unadorned spherical lampshade, then go about hot-gluing—in a series of concentric circles—dozens of origami fortune tellers onto the waiting surface of the shade.



DIY Paper Lantern - Shreds


“Shaggy” is the word that comes to mind, seeing this out-of-the-ordinary DIY paper lantern spotted over at Design*Sponge. To make yours, simply cut long, narrow, palm leaf-shaped strips from the paper you’ve collected in your scrap pile. Then hot-glue those cuttings to a plain, white, orb-like shade, starting from the bottom up.



DIY Paper Lantern - Skyline


Inspired by Stockholm architecture, Rebecca put together this charmingly simple DIY paper lantern. Having drawn a city scene on wallpaper, she wrapped her artwork around a glass jar, inside of which she’d hung tea lights. Not much of an artist? Create a similar effect by printing out a black-and-white graphic you love.