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General Manager at Since buying a condo in NYC, home improvement has taken on a whole new meaning for her. Her prized possession: her father’s gift of a big red toolbox.

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5 Tips for Moving: One Veteran’s Advice

Tips for Moving

Five years ago today, I moved into my condo. It was the first home that I purchased. Not only did I have a new home, but I had gained some hard-won knowledge along with a river view.

Start planning your new space before you move in. I blithely thought that since the condo was plenty expenditure enough, I would simply turn off the spending spigot and use everything from my former rental apartment. Well, the different dimensions, light, and room configurations gave my old things a new cast that sometimes just didn’t work. Exactly one year after moving in, the last new item—a side table for a corner that had the best view in the apartment—was delivered. Next time, I’d start budgeting and browsing (and maybe purchasing if I came across great sales) before the moving van arrived.

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Creative Closet Organizers

Creative closet organizers can help solve many space challenges. High ceilings, tight corners, and narrow spaces are handily addressed with the following inventive closet organization products. They can help turn what seemed like lost space into more space… and who doesn’t feel that they could use more space?

Rotating shoe rack. This rotating shoe rack makes great use of a corner space, and takes advantage of height with its vertical approach to storing shoes.

Creative Closet Organizer

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Three Home Improvement Innovations

Induction cooktop that uses magnets to create heat.

Photo: Summit Appliance

Cooktops that use magnets to generate heat. Lawn trimmers without wheels. Dishwashers for outdoors.

Innovation is happening all over home improvement. It’s inspiring to us here at to see companies invest the best of their creative energies to address home improvement needs. We know our readers invest a lot of time and energy in their do-it-yourself projects, after all. But how do you sort through the ever-growing number options?

Here are three trends that Bob has followed throughout his career. We think they are particularly relevant today, and focusing on them is a good way to make the most of your time and budget:

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A Tape Measure with a Story

Tape Measure with a Story

Photo: Gretchen Grant

This old tape measure follows me around everywhere.  My father gave it to me, and it does the trick.  Sure, it’s a little heavier than today’s newest models and the tape itself doesn’t stay extended with a flick of a button.  But it’s a happy memory plus a working tool, and has pride of place in my belongings.

For many of us, home improvement was a chance for parents or other mentors to give us welcome advice. Do-it-yourself projects were do-it-together occasions, and we learned practical knowledge that still serves us today.  For example, from working with a tape measure I learned:

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New Product: The Flux Chair

Flux Chair plastic seating

We at are dedicated to bringing you the most practical home improvement advice.  This new chair from Flux struck us as the ultimate in smart design and small space solutions.  Shown at the New York International Gift Show this week, the flat sheet of plastic on the right assembles into the chair on the left in just a few minutes (check out the video below).  When we tried it out, we were amazed by its comfort and stability.  You can buy cushions for the seat—though the chair was plenty comfortable without one—and wall hangers are available to store it flat.

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