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Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Photo: David Gard/The Star-Ledger

[Editor's Note: At time of posting, Hurricane Sandy is still hundreds of miles off the Atlantic coast and has yet to make its expected landfall in central New Jersey. Bob Vila Nation contributor John V. of Our Home from Scratch blogs from a Philadelphia suburb in South Jersey, where he's spent the last 48 hours readying his home for the storm. What follows is John's latest blog post.]

Hey guys!  Hope this weather filled week finds you well. Lisa and I are pretty much smack dab in the middle of the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy Trajectory


It’s not supposed to get terrible until sometime tomorrow. We’ve heard the eye of the storm will make landfall around Ocean City, NJ sometime in the early hours of Tuesday morning (1:00 AM or so). This is really the first major hurricane we’ve ever experienced. Last year we had Irene, but I think that was a tropical storm by the time it reached us. Here’s how our Hurricane Sandy preparation is going… Read the rest of this entry »