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How To: Unclog a Clogged Drain

Follow this helpful advice on clearing up a slow-moving or clogged drain.

How to Unclog a Clogged Drain


Some friends of mine moved into a new house and had a couple of issues with their bathroom. The sink drain was a little slow and had a funky smell. The tub also drained slowly, leaving them ankle deep in water by the end of a shower.

So they did what most of my friends do: they called me. Naturally, I was willing to dive into their problem (figuratively, not literally).

How To: Unclog a Sink Drain

Most of the time with a sink drain, there’s a problem with the p-trap, so that’s always the first thing I recommend that homeowners investigate. The p-trap is the thing in your sink cabinet that’s kind of shaped like a “p” or elbow. It’s what keeps sewer gases from coming up your pipe and making a stink.

Clearing it out is simple. FIRST, get a bucket. Normally, water won’t pour out when you take it off, but there will always be some water in the p-trap because that’s what stops the gasses. (Of course if your p-trap IS clogged and there’s water all up in your sink, a lot of water WILL come out.)

Since their trap was spotless the smell must be coming from the pipe itself, right? GUNK.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to remove that GUNK… in short, unclog the drain!

How To: Install a Drywall Anchor

So you bought a new towel rack—or some shelving brackets, or a paper towel holder—and you want to attach it to the wall. And you want that rack, bracket, or holder to do its job. You want it not to rip down under the weight of a towel or another non-heavy item. There are a variety of options for securing a rack (or what have you) to the wall. One of the most popular ways is to use an easy-to-install drywall anchor.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing one:

How to Install a Drywall Anchor

Photo: Pete Fazio

Since the anchor really is just meant for drywall, you only need to use a screwdriver and apply moderate pressure while the anchor self-drills.

How to Install a Drywall Anchor - Step 1

Photo: Pete Fazio

When the wide threads start to grab on, make sure you keep applying pressure so the anchor doesn’t simply spin in the hole and dig out the drywall.

How to Install a Drywall Anchor

Photo: Pete Fazio

Screw it in until the lip is flush with the wall.

How to Install a Drywall Anchor - Step 3

Photo: Pete Fazio

Once again, make sure you first put the screw through the hole of the thing you’re attaching to the wall.

Drywall Anchor Install How To

No, I'm not attaching a bracket to the wall, it's just a substitute to show that you have to feed it through your widget first. Photo: Pete Fazio

And here’s what it looks like behind your wall. The wide threads help the anchor grab on, and, when the screw goes in, it pops the barbs out for added power.

How to Install a Drywall Anchor

Photo: Pete Fazio

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