Creative Closet Organizers

Creative closet organizers can help solve many space challenges. High ceilings, tight corners, and narrow spaces are handily addressed with the following inventive closet organization products. They can help turn what seemed like lost space into more space… and who doesn’t feel that they could use more space?

Rotating shoe rack. This rotating shoe rack makes great use of a corner space, and takes advantage of height with its vertical approach to storing shoes.

Creative Closet Organizer

Slide-out mirror. Tucked in, this full-length mirror takes up only about 6″ of space width-wise. With a 6″ footprint, it can fit in many narrow spaces. Pulled out and rotated 90 degrees, it’s about 12″ across. Its footprint is much smaller than a mirror that always faces outward, since in that situation you can’t put anything in front of the mirror.

Closet Organizer

Pull-down clothing rod. This pull-down rod is terrific for high-ceilinged spaces. Hold on to the bottom of the rod in the middle and the entire structure rotates down 90 degrees, becoming parallel to the floor. Then you can reach the clothes hanging on the rod.

Creative Closet Organizer

Automatic drawer lights. When this drawer is pulled out, it automatically lights up with magnetic lights in the drawer’s interior.

Closet Organizers

These products are available from Rev-A-Shelf through closet organization companies like California Closets and Transform and, in lighter-gauge steel, from home improvement centers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Check out BobVilaShop for more storage solutions, too.

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