DIY Mason Jar Wall Planter

Utility and beauty meet in the middle to transform DIY mason jars into charming planters.

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I have been canning peaches so I had mason jars on the brain. I have seen several versions of this idea. I have seen mason jars used on coat racks, for bathroom stuff, and for craft supplies. So since I needed another nature decor item for my hallway I thought, why not use them as planters? I hung them in my hallway.

Mason Jar Planter - Complete


- Houseplants
- Potting soil
- 2-pack of pipe clamps
- Wooden board (reclaimed or new)

I made sure to pick plants meant for medium light and that didn’t grow super fast. I don’t want to have to transplant them for awhile. They were a little more than a dollar a piece. I bought a small bag of potting soil too. The pipe clamps came in a 2-pack for $2 and change. I already had the old board in my wood pile. So this project was less than $20.00.

Mason Jar Planter - Side View


I have always wanted to put a shelf or something on this wall but since it is the hallway and there is a lot of traffic, I was worried things would get bumped and fall off.


I screwed the clamps to the board first.

Then I screwed the board to the wall.

And while I held the jars in place my hubby tightened the clamps. Those babies aren’t going anywhere!

Mason Jar Planter - Close Up


Mason Jar Planter - Final


Thank you, Not Just a Housewife!