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Custom Kitchen Banquette

This blogger added style and function to her kitchen with this stylish banquette she crafted herself.

custom banquette end


You would never believe that this custom banquette is a renter-friendly project. But when Rita from Crane Concept needed a solution to lend more space to her kitchen, she created the plan for this stylish seating that rings up at just about $200. 


custom banquette tools and materials


- Top
- Legs
- Cleat (used some extra wood from the top as my cleat)
- Front panel
- Baseboard
- Corner molding
- Paint
- Foam roller
- Wood filler
- Finishing nails
- Hammer
- Screws
- Drill
- Jig saw
- Sander



custom banquette step 1

I used a jig saw to cut the shape of the baseboard out of the legs. This really gave it a more custom look.



custom banquette step 2

After cutting out all of the grooves, I screwed the top of the bench to the legs. You might need a friend to help you balance and lift the top of the bench.



custom banquette step 3

Find the studs and screw the cleat to the wall. The bench should sit securely on the cleat. Screw the top of the bench to the cleat.



custom banquette step 4

Slide the rest of the legs underneath and screw or nail the boards down.



custom banquette step 5

Add your paneling to the front of your banquette. Nail the panel to the legs. I used a pencil to mark where the legs were located. I did the same thing with the 1×6 baseboard, nailing the baseboard to the legs with finishing nails.



custom banquette step 6

Again, I cut the groves out for the baseboards.



custom banquette step 7

After this point, I filled in any holes with the wood filler, sanded all of the corners and edges, and gave a good coat of paint with my foam roller. To give it a little more detail, I mitered the corners of the corner molding. I use a few finishing nails to secure into place. I gave the banquette a couple more good coats of paint, and done!


custom banquette opener

Thanks, Rita! For more stylish solutions, visit craneconcept.com.

Weekend Projects: 5 Hardworking DIY Desks

Settle into your new routine (and organize all that homework) when you build one of these 5 easy computer desks this weekend.

It may not fall on the standard back-to-school supply checklist, but a simple and comfortable computer desk should definitely be a top priority once class is back in session. It’s the perfect spot for kids to get homework done and for parents to organize the various permission slips, flyers, and other papers that start to pile up come fall. While computer desks seen in stores and catalogs may come with a high price tag, many DIY alternatives are both easy to build and easy on the wallet. Check out these five achievable DIY desk ideas to get your inspiration flowing.



DIY computer desk - bookcase

Photo: prettyprovidence.com

If you’re looking for an option that’s equal parts cheap and sleek, look no further than this cleverly assembled design from Pretty Providence, constructed using a couple of Target bookcases and a tabletop from IKEA. The beauty of this arrangement lies in its simplicity: Just lay your tabletop on the floor and use a screwdriver to anchor the shelves into place. After that, all that’s left to do is flip the table over and fill it up. Easy!



DIY computer desk - wood build

Photo: welivedhappilyeverafter.com

This custom-made desk from We Lived Happily After is built for two, making it an easy side-by-side workstation—or simply an ideal spot to spread out with a big project. The success of this project relies on careful measurement (and patience!) when screwing the wooden 1x4s and 2x4s into place. But once you have the frame built, the rest of the assembly will be easier than any of the work you do on it.



DIY Computer Desk - lapdesk

Photo: jenwoodhouse.com

If you’re on the hunt for an option that’s portable and boasts a secret storage compartment, then this DIY laptop desk from The House of Wood is the genius solution for you—and it takes only about two hours to re-create. Round up a couple of 1×12 wooden boards for the storage bottom and hinged top, plus wooden boards for the legs, aprons, and trim. Once you’re done assembling, apply a thin coat of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain (shown here in Dark Walnut) to give the design a luxe finish.



DIY Computer Desk - cabinets

Photo: drabtofabdesign.com

This DIY desk idea from Drab to Fab Design requires a bit of advance planning, but the end result is well worth the wait. The design team scoured Craigslist to find a matching set of filing cabinets that they could then turn into a custom-built desk for two. Once they found the perfect pair, the two got to work, attaching frames to the top and bottom of the cabinets to add a bit of height and hold the desktop together. After that, all that was left to do was add a tabletop, which can be created with a few 2x10s.



DIY Computer Desk - standing desk

Photo: abeautifulmess.com

If you want a space-saving option that’s still an actual anchored-down desk, this wall-mount design from A Beautiful Mess is the perfect choice. All you’ll need are a few slabs of pine board, some shelf brackets, screws, and polyurethane. Using a saw, cut the boards to suit the size of the space where you plan to set up the desk. Then, sand down each board (this will help the polyurethane go on smoothly), and use the wall brackets to mount your desk to the wall. The next step is simply to pull up a chair and get to work!

DIY Door Banquette

When this blogger laid eyes on an old door, she was struck with the ingenious idea to repurpose the household necessity into custom banquette seating.

door diy opener

Struck by inspiration when perusing the Habitat ReStore, Mimi of Blue Roof Cabin decided to repurpose an old door into amazing custom banquette seating. Keep reading for her how-to on this clever DIY.



- Door
- Table saw
- 2×6
- Kreg Jig Jr.
- Glue
- Wood filler
- Sandpaper
- Paint
- 2x4s
- Plywood
- Nails
- Wood putty
- 1x2s
- Hinges



door diy step 1

I started by cutting two of the panels off. I clamped a piece of wood to the door so that I had something for the skill saw to follow. Just drawing a line does not work for me. This way I don’t have to get down close to the saw to try and follow a pencil line.



door diy step 2

I used my Kreg Jig Jr. and glue to attach a piece of 2X6 to the cut end so that the panel was centered. I had to rip the 2×6 down on the table saw to get the right width and take the curved edge off. I filled the seam with wood filler. Once I sanded and painted it you cant even see the seam. I made two panels this way.


door diy step 3
I re-used some 2 X 4′s from the shed we tore down to build the support for the backs. I then screwed it the wall.  I didn’t have enough door to make a panel on this end so I used a piece of plywood.
door diy step 4
You can see the right side is made up of the two panels I had to modify.


door diy step 5
I mitered this corner with my table saw. I used glue and nails to attach the corner and wood putty filled the holes.


door diy step 6
Here it is with the bottom 1×4 trim and a new paint job.


door diy step 7
For the top I had intended to use plywood that would overhang about an inch. I cut the piece but once I set it on top it looked awful. The proportions weren’t right because of the panels and since I disobeyed the rule of bench height it made it to tall. So I had to change the plan and cut the plywood to fit flush inside.


door diy step 8
To support the top I screwed 1 x 2′s inside along the front and sides.  This looks much better and the cushions will cover it all. For the hinges I used basic 2″ utility hinges.

Thanks, Mimi! For more great DIY ideas, visit blueroofcabin.com.

DIY Cabinet Banquette

This seamless custom banquette came to life with some IKEA cabinets and a little elbow grease.

cabinet banquette opener

Eager to find a functional way to fill her awkward kitchen space, Melissa from SuperNoVa Wife decided to take the leap and attempt her own DIY banquette crafted from IKEA cabinets. Keep reading to learn how she built the frame for her stunning finished product. 


cabinet banquette step 1


- IKEA cabinets
- Wood T-nuts
- Threaded stem glides
- Level



cabinet banquette step 2

Screw the pieces of the “rectangle” together. Repeat for each side for each frame.



cabinet banquette step 3

Screw the smaller “spacer” pieces on one end of the rectangle.



cabinet banquette step 4

Now comes the all-important part of the frame—the elements you’ll need to ensure that the frame is level when it is sitting on the floor. We went through a LOT of trial and error with this process. What I’m about to describe worked the best and was so simple and quick once we figured it out. You’ll want several packages of T-nuts and an equal amount of these threaded stem glides, or as I liked to call them,“feet.” We used twelve feet on each frame (four on each of the longer sides and two on each of the shorter sides). How many you’ll need will depend on the size of your frame. Pre-drill some holes in the frame at the location you want the little feet.



cabinet banquette step 5

Then, using a rubber mallet, pound the T-nuts into the holes.



cabinet banquette - step 6

Now, the feet can be screwed in easily by hand into the T-nuts. Repeat this for all of the holes that you made.



cabinet banquette step 8

Once all of the feet have been screwed into the T-nuts, it’s time to take your frame to its intended location and tinker with the feet until the entire frame is level on the floor. This will require screwing (or unscrewing) the feet to adjust their height. And keep making adjustments until everything is level.



cabinet banquette step 9

Then go ahead and put the cabinets on top of the frame and make any additional adjustments as necessary, making sure the cabinets are now level.

Thanks, Melissa! For the rest of the steps you need to complete this custom banquette (and for even more great ideas) visit supernovawife.com.

DIY Bookshelf Banquette

Unimpressed by basic banquettes, this blogger decided to build her own version using an unexpected find from IKEA.

ikea hack banquette opener

A small, awkward space led Krys from Melodrama on a search for a banquette that would complete her dining set. After striking out with standard solutions, she stumbled upon an IKEA bookshelf that inspired her to craft her own version. Read on to see how she made her IKEA hack a stylish and storage-savvy success. 



- IKEA EXPEDIT Bookshelf (now available as KALLAX)
- 4’x6′ piece of plywood
- 1″ thick foam
- Batting
- Fabric
- MDF, cut to size of bookcase
- 2-inch-thick foam



ikea hack banquette step 1

The seat of this banquette started with an EXPEDIT bookshelf from IKEA (now available as the KALLAX) that was turned on its side. For the back of the unit, start with a 4’x6′ piece of plywood. Pad it with 1″ thick foam and cover it with batting. My indoor/outdoor canvas fabric measured 55-inches wide, which would have been fine if I wanted to run the pattern horizontally. Since I wanted to run the pattern vertically, I needed to cut 2 pieces of fabric to 4 1/2-feet long and sew them together at the selvages, being sure to match up the pattern. I made sure the seam ran down the center of the board.



ikea hack banquette step 2

Start by placing a staple in the middle of each end of the plywood, pulling the fabric taut, and then working your way around with staples to secure it. You can use flush mount brackets to secure the piece to the wall if you want. We felt the EXPEDIT was heavy enough to hold the backboard up, so we decided to forget that step. If you have kids or want the peace of mind, by all means mount it to the wall.



ikea hack banquette step 3
Now it needed a comfy seat! I stumbled across similar types of projects on Pinterest that used a piece of MDF board. Genius! I didn’t screw the MDF into the EXPEDIT because, again, I wanted to preserve the bookcase. But, if you have kids I recommend securing it. I also decided against legs so it’s sturdier by being directly on the floor. We don’t use this piece every single day, but we’ve had game nights and dinner parties and it has successfully held 3 full-size adults with an estimated combined weight of at LEAST 400lbs, several times. Obviously the risk is all yours.



ikea hack banquette step 4

I had the piece of MDF cut to the right measurements at Home Depot and covered it with 2-inch-thick pieces of foam and covered it with batting. The 2-inch foam added to the height of the EXPEDIT brings the seat height up to 19 inches, which happens to be the exact height of our dining chairs.



ikea hack banquette step 5

Then upholstered like you would a chair seat. Upholstering pieces like this is super easy. It’s like wrapping a present but with fabric and staples inside of paper and tape. It’s really that simple. Promise!


ikea hack banquette end

Thanks, Krys! Visit Melodrama for more inspiring and achievable ideas. 

3 Fixes for a Squeaky Door

Put an end to the shrill shrieks of a squeaky door with a solution (or three) that you probably already have lying around the house.

How to Fix a Squeaky Door

Photo: fotosearch.com

We’ve all been there: You’re tiptoeing around the house in the early morning hours, trying not to wake the others who are fast asleep. You get all the way to the door when it happens—the shrill, off-putting noise of a squeaky hinge. While the causes of this unwelcome sound may vary, there are a few tried-and-true solutions that you can put into action to get rid of this household annoyance and instill peace (or at least quiet) in the home.



How to Fix a Squeaky Door  - mayonnaise

Photo: fotosearch.com

One classic condiment can work wonders as an in-a-pinch lubricant to silence a squeaky door: mayonnaise. First, remove the hinge pin on your door by tapping it with a hammer, then coat the pin with a light layer of full-fat mayo. Work the pin back into the hinge, and open and close the door a few times to distribute the lubricant. Finally, wipe away any oily excess with a damp cloth. The squeak should be no more!



How to Fix a Squeaky Door  - paraffin candle wax

Photo: fotosearch.com

The petroleum-based wax in paraffin candles can also help quiet metal hinges. Light a candle so the heat softens the wax, remove the hinge pins from the door, then (carefully, so as not to burn yourself!) cover them with the melted wax. Slide the hinge pins back into place, and give it a listen: If the door is still noisy when you open and shut, repeat the process again until the squeak is gone. No need to reach for a towel after this job—the candle wax shouldn’t leave you with any excess residue to wipe away.



How to Fix a Squeaky Door  - Steel Wool

Photo: instructables.com, via shiguy16

Another possibility: A recurring squeak might signal that your hinge pins are too dirty for the door to function properly. If that’s the case, your lubricant alone won’t solve the annoyance—instead, you’ll want to start with a good cleaning. Remove the hinge pins, and scrub dirt and dust from each using a steel wool pad. Then coat the hinges in a lubricant, like one of the two household stand-ins mentioned above. Tap the hinges back into place, and swing the door open and closed a few times to test. Hear that? Of course you don’t—there’s no more squeaking!

Genius! The Custom Closet Solution That Costs Nearly Nothing

Money doesn't grow on trees, but creative solutions do—at least for one clever blogger! Try this free DIY to supplement your storage and add a personal touch to any room.

DIY Clothing Rack

Photo: love-aesthetics.blogspot.se

If you actually wear everything you own, you might be part of a growing trend: people paring down their possessions in hopes of simplifying their lives at home. When clutter starts to pile up, it can get in the way of focusing on what’s really important. Taken too far, however, decluttering can create a sterile look more reminiscent of a hospital ward than a home. But DIY-er Ivania from Love Aesthetics found a compromise between minimalism and eclecticism when she repurposed (read: installed for practically free) a backyard branch as a one-of-a-kind clothing and accessory rack.

Spray-painted white and suspended from the ceiling, this bit of nature offers storage as beautiful as the rest of your possessions, all without taking up any floor space. And it’s not just a cure for the closet-less: the length and shape of this DIY rack also make it a smart solution for hanging up a collection of scarves, watches, ties, belts, and other accessories. Storage that’s functional, free, and personality-packed—now that’s an idea worth hanging on to!

To make your own, search out a branch that’s not too long or too short for the space, ideally with at least one smaller limb ready to hold accessories. Paint or keep it au naturel, the choice is yours—but be sure to give it wash before hanging your clean clothes from it. Next, pencil the height the branch will hang at along the nearest wall. Measure the distance between there and the ceiling to determine an appropriate length for wire or rope, and get two pieces (plus a couple of strong hooks) from your local hardware store. Screw in the hooks to the ceiling, run a wire through each and around the branch, and double-knot at the end. If it hangs evenly, your job is done! Just hang your curated wardrobe and take joy in the green you’ve pocketed by doing it yourself rather than splurging on a $200 closet unit.

FOR MORE: Love Aesthetics

DIY Clothing Rack - Branch Accessories

Photo: love-aesthetics.blogspot.se

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DIY Lite: Brighten Your Workday with an Easy-to-Build Desk Organizer

Keep pen, paper, and your phone right where you can see them using a colorful wooden desk organizer. Build it this weekend, and you may find yourself excited to get back to work on Monday.

DIY Desk Organizer - For Paper, Pencils, and Phones

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Finding a home for every single possession—and remembering to return them to their specified spots—is always a challenge. Take the home office, for example: Stuffed with miscellaneous papers, tiny clips, writing utensils, tech accessories you use every day (as well as the ones that have become obsolete), it’s no wonder your desktop is in disarray. What better way to bring order to a crowded workspace than by that of a tray built to fit all of your favorite supplies? Customized with one notch to hold important mail and another to stand your phone, this beginner-friendly DIY aims to put days of scavenging for things beneath stacks of paper in the past.


DIY Desk Organizer - Supplies

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

- Wooden plank (3⁄4-inch thick)
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Saw
- Wood chisel
- Hammer
- Sanding paper
- Wood glue
- Bar clamps
- Paint
- Varnish
- Drill



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 1

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Check out your scrap lumber pile or run to the hardware store. You’ll need three pieces of wood: two rectangles each 9 inches by 3 inches, and one piece measuring 9.5 inches by 3 inches. All planks should be 3⁄4-inch thick.

First, you’ll want to create a space for your phone rest. Take one of the 9-inch planks and lay it out horizontally in front of you. Starting at the edge of the right side, center and draw a smaller rectangle that is 3 inches long by 3⁄4 inches wide. Use a handsaw to make cuts along the long sides of the penciled rectangle, then take a chisel and hammer to cut the snick out completely. Sand all edges to remove splinters.



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 2

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Glue the cut plank to the top of the second 9-inch piece of lumber.



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 3

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Press with bar clamps for at least an hour until the glue dries. (For a more accurate dry time, check out the wood glue bottle.)



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 4

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Now that you have layered these two wood planks, you can draw the mail notch and the pencils holes. On the top plank (which should already have one slot), draw a vertical line 1 inch from the left edge and six (or more, if you’d like) marks for pencil holes, arranged uniformly at about an inch apart.



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 5

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Time to make your cuts. Saw along the line drawn in Step 4 so that you’ve cut through both planks; you’ll be left with a short block 1-inch wide and the rest of your project. Use a 1⁄2-inch drill bit to make the holes, and bore through both planks. Sand the pieces.



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 6

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Glue both chunks onto the third longer slat. You’ll position the short piece to align with the left end of the 9.5-inch length and the other piece to align with the right, deliberately leaving a space between them for mail storage. Press with bar clamps until the glue dries.



DIY Desk Organizer - Step 7

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Finally, brighten up your newest desktop accessory with a little paint. We picked three shades in the same color family to brush over the edge of each plank for a trendy ombre effect, but you could choose a single color or pick a complementary set. When the paint dries, finish with a coat of clear varnish to make your handiwork (and your everyday work) shine.


DIY Desk Organizer - Final Project

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Ama is a DIY addict and the creative mind behind Ohoh Blog. She likes home decor, lighting, and furniture projects that may involve painting, sewing, drilling…no matter the technique! Whatever she has on hand is inspiration to create, and fodder for her serious addiction to upcycling.

How To: Paint a Garage Floor

You can protect your garage floor from oil stains and update the entire space's appearance with just a couple of coats of epoxy paint. All you need is a weekend to get started.

How to Paint a Garage Floor - With Epoxy Paint

Photo: Zillow Digs home in Spring, TX

Part-time workshop, storage center for outdoor equipment, shelter for the family cars—the garage is a do-it-all space. Given all of the foot traffic (not to mention mess) that happens here, the space deserves as much attention as any other room in the home. Fortunately, one easy update can both refresh and preserve your multipurpose zone: painting the floor. Good for more than just coloring your concrete, epoxy paint can make the surface easier to clean and act as a shield against grease and oil stains, both of which are common garage spills. The key to an expert application? Hold out for mild weather—like the crisp and dry temperatures that arrive in the fall—before getting to work on this weekend project.

- Protective gear (rubber gloves, dust mask, safety goggles)
- Stiff-bristled broom
- Bleach
- Stiff-bristled scrub brush
- Metal-bristled scrub brush
- Pressure washer
- Concrete filler or concrete patch
- Concrete etching cleaner (optional)
- Plastic bucket (optional)
- Primer
- Long-handled paint roller
- Epoxy paint
- Nylon paintbrush
- Water-resistant paint roller

How to Paint a Garage Floor - Rolling On Paint

Photo: fotosearch.com

Make sure the work area (your garage) is well ventilated since you will be working with epoxy paint and bleach, both products that have strong fumes. Open a window—or your garage door—to ensure that air is constantly circulating through the space. Next, pull on the proper protective gear: rubber gloves, dust mask, safety goggles, as well as a set of clothes you don’t mind splattering paint on.

Sweep the floor, and wash away all stains using a mixture of bleach and water so that it’s completely clean and clear of dust and dirt before you start painting. (Follow the product instructions to get the ratio of bleach to water exactly right.) If you encounter any stains that are especially stubborn, switch from a standard scrub brush to one with metal bristles to work them out.

When you’re done, rinse the entire area with clean water—this is where renting a pressure washer may come in handy.

If you notice any cracks in the floor, you’ll want to fill them in before painting over the full surface, otherwise they would leave noticeable dents in your renewed floor. Use a concrete filler to take care of smaller cracks and a concrete patch for larger ones. Just be sure the cracks are completely clean and dry before applying the compound.

After everything has dried—both the bleach solution and any filler you may have used—check to see if you’ll need to etch the floor’s surface (a process that will help the paint absorb better) by sprinkling a few drops of water onto the floor. If it absorbs quickly, you’re good and can move onto the next step; if the droplets don’t absorb quickly, your best bet is to apply a concrete etcher to the surface.

You can pick up a concrete etcher from your local hardware or home improvement store. Following the package’s instructions, dilute the concrete etcher with water and mix it in a plastic bucket. Apply it to the entire floor using a stiff-bristled broom to move it around. Let it stand as long as the product requires, scrub with the broom, then rinse and mop up the extra water. In the end, your floor will have a texture similar to that of a medium-grit sandpaper. allow the floor to dry overnight before you begin painting.

Next, apply a primer coat of paint to your dry garage floor using a long-handled paint roller. Let it dry for 6 to 8 hours before moving on to the topcoat.

Mix the epoxy paint well, and apply a first layer using a nylon brush and a water-resistant roller cover. Give that first coat 24 hours to dry before applying a second one. Then, wait at least 5 days before walking (or driving) on the floor’s surface. A week later, when you’re rolling your car over the new floor, you’re sure to agree that this is one refresh well worth the wait.