Slide 1: Better Than a Cup of Joe


18 percent of all respondents, male and female, report that their morning shower is more important to them than that first cup of coffee.

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7 Revealing Facts About How We Bathe

As the senior research and development manager for Delta Faucet, Paul Patton conducts frequent surveys and studies to better understand the needs of his customers. Through this research, Patton has observed an intriguing phenomenon: Although people interact with kitchen and lavatory sinks in much the same way, the way we shower differs from person to person. “There is an emotional side to showers that just isn’t there with sinks,” Patton confirms. “A shower is a uniquely personal experience, whether you use the time to wake up in the morning, to wind down in the evening, or simply to get away from it all.” Here, 7 telling facts reveal how Americans feel about their showers.


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