Slide 1: Blue and White Bathroom


If space is an issue in your bathroom, adding a sliding pocket door outfitted with a full-length mirror is a design trifecta. This solution saves precious swing space, adds the convenience of a mirror without sacrificing real estate on the walls, and reflects natural sunlight from the window to keep the bathroom bright and airy.

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Tight Quarters? 10 Smart Space-Saving Door Solutions

Are you struggling to find a space-saving interior or exterior door for your home? Whether you're building a tiny house or just trying to renovate a small or tricky room, don’t limit yourself to traditional doors and the standard sizes offered by your local building supply store. Think outside the box—or in this case, the door frame. Look at the area surrounding the door opening. Is there room for pocket doors that could slide into the wall? What about overhead? If there's space there, a horizontal retractable door could work. Or, if sound and insulation aren’t issues, accordion doors or PVC vinyl doors that fold back toward the frame may be the answer. Pivot doors that rotate around a central point are yet another option. These cleverly solve the problem of a door that swings too widely into (or out of) a room by splitting the door swing clearance between the spaces they separate. Take a look at our gallery for more ideas!

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