Slide 1: Blue Living Room


Nothing renews a room on the quick like paint, but jumping into a job before you prep can leave you with a lackluster paint job. Before you tape off the crown molding, lay the drop cloth, or ventilate the room, remember that professional-looking painting takes prep work and quality tools—like those that follow here.

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Paint Like a Pro: 8 Clever New Tools Under $10

Whether you're redecorating a room or reinventing a worn dresser, good quality paint and a steady hand will get you far. But even the best DIY painters have the occasional mishap—dropping the brush in the pan, crooked lines, or newspaper stuck to a painted door. Whether or not your work is flawless, you can't put a price on a job well done—or done easier. Hyde Tools offers plenty of painting tools on the cheap to eliminate ordinary painting problems and give you professional results on your next painting project.


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