Slide 1: Cable Zipper


The Cable Zipper is one sleek way to keep your cables in check. This plastic sleeve with an attachable zipper will make organizing your cables as easy as zipping up a jacket. All you do is clip your cables to the zipper, then zip them into the sleeve.

Plug into 10 Clever Ways of Corralling Cords

What would all our high-tech home electronics be without their trusted wires? Not powered up, for one. Even if you opt for a wireless connection, your Internet modem requires a few wires for juice and for a link to the main grid. Soon enough, cables and cords turn your floors into a rope maze. If your home is starting to get bogged down with all those wires and cords, don't get bent out of shape over it—find your way out of the mess with these cool cord organizers. There's no shortage of fashionable conduits on the market to help you keep your wires straight. Here are 10 storage solutions worth consideration.


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