Open Sesame: 12 Ways to Dress Up a Drab Door

Does your house suffer from drab door syndrome? It’s a common diagnosis. We tend to view doors as necessities—all function and no frill—so we don't see them as the decorative elements they are, or could be. But a door is a room's introduction and finale, both the first and last thing we see as we pass through. And there are doors everywhere! If we take closets into consideration, an average-size home could easily have 20 or more doors. Giving at least a few of them a little attention can go a long way. There are lots of ways to give your doors a little pick-me-up. Simple embellishments will give you almost instant gratification, but if you’re up for a bigger design challenge, you can give a door a head-to-toe makeover by stenciling an intricate design or by stripping it down and applying a distressed finish. Here are 12 decorative touches, from easy to expert, that can give your door the distinction it deserves.


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