Slide 11: Converted Aluminum Barn


Large steel-framed windows flood the interior of this remodeled Michigan barn with daylight. The owners hired Northworks Architects and Planners, of Chicago, to help them create a 21st-century living space that embraced the 200-year-old barn’s rustic character. While the interior features reclaimed wood beams and rafters, the exterior of the converted barn is clad in painted aluminum.

Barn Again: Breathing New Life into 11 Old Barns

Converting an old barn into a home makes great use of the original structure's open space and guarantees a new house dripping with vintage country charm. Often, barn enthusiasts transport antique structures from their original sites and have them reassembled on new foundations. While some take on the remodeling projects themselves, many hire barn restoration specialists who are skilled in documenting, disassembling, and rebuilding the barns. Take a peek at our top 11 converted barns.

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