Slide 1: Cool Pocket Knives


Mobile phones have everything but the kitchen sink. With the TaskOne toolkit, they can now take that on too (by repairing a leaky faucet). That's because this nifty case equips your phone with a veritable toolbox, including must-haves like a wrench, pliers, saws, and several different screwdrivers. It's like having Inspector Gadget right in your pocket!

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More Than Meets the iPhone: 9 Add-Ons to Transform Your Mobile Device

Thanks to a legion of software apps, smartphones have evolved into "Star Trek"-like communicator devices. Of course, loading up on software isn't the only way to soup up your phone's "app"-titudes. There's actually a slew of hardware gadgets that snap right onto your phone and open up myriad app possibilities. Best of all, these attachments are tailor-made for DIY doings. So before you embark on your next big home renovation or construction project, consider transforming your phone into a DIY toolbox with one or more of the following add-ons.

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