Slide 1: DIY Bike Wheel Calendar


Does the busy week ahead have your head spinning? Organize and prioritize with this clever chalkboard wheel calendar. Jot down deadlines, appointments, and goals for each day of the week, or use it for notes and messages. When the week is over, just wipe clean and start again.

Reinventing the Wheel: 10 Smart New Uses for Old Tires

Wheels have come a long way since their Stone Age introduction. No longer just for transporting objects from place to place, wheels have become a starting point for many an ingenious do-it-yourselfer, as you can see for yourself from this collection of 10 of our favorite wheel-repurposing projects. From a nifty seesaw to a clever mobile to a colorful inner tube pouf, these projects really get our DIY cogs turning. So go ahead—indulge that freewheelin' side of you, and see what you might make out of a wheel!


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