Slide 1: DIY Bookshelf Refurbish


It's sometimes difficult to say goodbye to a beloved piece of furniture—no matter how weathered—so skip the fond farewell by refurbishing an old but cherished bookcase. Whether it needs stripping and sanding, a layer of lacquer, or a fresh coat of paint, a worn bookcase can be made as good as new with a little effort.

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Shelf Life: 10 Bookcases You Can Make Yourself

Any bibliophile knows that storing your books is almost as much of an obsession as reading them. And while books can be an expensive habit, storing them doesn’t have to be. DIY bookshelves are an easy project, and you can build a bookcase yourself for a lot less than you can buy one. And quickly too -- in half a day, or less, on a weekend. DIY design ideas abound on the web, so there is no lack of guidance on how to build bookshelves. Repurpose a ladder, pallet or cinder blocks -- it’s within your reach.

Keep in mind some design considerations when building a bookcase. A general purpose bookshelf should be 10 - 12 inches deep. And be mindful of the span (how wide the shelf area is between supports). Fully loaded, a bookshelf will need to support 20 - 25 pounds per linear foot. If your supports are too far apart, the shelves will sag and be disconcerting visually. In most cases, 30 - 36 inches between supports will suffice, unless the books you’re storing are very heavy. If you live with small children, or in an earthquake prone area, you should secure your bookcases (and any other heavy furniture) to the walls.

So, pick one of our favorite DIY bookcases and get started. Once you’re finished, you can obsess about how you’ll organize it -- by title, author, date, subject, or even color.

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