Without a Stitch: 9 No-Sew Projects to Dress Up Any Room

The most subtle changes can sometimes have the biggest impact—just witness the effect of new blinds, updated throw pillows, or fresh upholstery. Unfortunately, many of the small-but-powerful home decor projects on the Web require some sort of stitching, patchwork, or embroidery. But there’s good news for needle-phobes! If darning a pair of socks gives you the willies, rest assured that there are lots of ways to make a room pop without first having to thread a needle or fire up the sewing machine—if you even have one. With everyday items like an old sweater, fabric glue, or lots of staples, you can create an accent that can completely make a room. These delightful, low-cost improvements, from a window facelift to a chair rehab, will pay for themselves the minute a guest says, “Wow, I love this!” So, in the spirit of ingenuity, here are 10 DIY home decor projects that don’t require so much as a spool of thread.

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