Slide 1: DIY Contact Paper Window Film


Need a little privacy? Want to add a designer touch to boring plate-glass windows? Contact paper to the rescue! With special styles designed expressly for glass, you can cut out unique patterns or leave the sheet whole to shield a window from prying eyes while still letting in the sunshine. Most styles can be repositioned, so you can try until you get it right.

13 Unexpected Ways to Use Contact Paper Around the House

Contact paper has long been the stuff of mothers' old cabinet drawers. Today, adhesive paper has firmly rolled into the 21st century with a wide variety of eye-catching modern patterns and colors. It's even available in a chalkboard finish that can turn nearly any flat surface into a blank slate. Contact paper can be a true ally when it comes to DIY decor, because it's easy to work with, affordable, durable, and simple to clean, with most styles requiring just a wipe with a damp cloth. Here are 13 ways to use versatile contact paper to decorate everything from books to countertops.

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