Slide 1: DIY Cutting Board


For a dose of DIY style in the kitchen, embellish a culinary tool with a monogram, then display your creation on a wall or shelf. Here, a plain wooden cutting board gets a chic makeover with paint, floral wire, and ribbon.

Make It Personal: Monograms Where You Least Expected Them

For centuries, monograms were used to signify status and power, whether stitched in golden thread or etched in silver. These days, they still add polish and style, but they're no longer restricted to grand estates or royal tapestries. We're become accustomed to seeing a homeowner's initials embroidered onto bedding, throw pillows, or towels, but how about on a bird feeder or a window valance? The inspiring DIY monogram projects here are budget-friendly and simple to create. Conceived with imagination and a dash of style, a monogram might just be the simplest way to add a distinctly personal touch to your home.

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