Slide 1: Baker's Rack Coffee Bar


A baker’s rack is the perfect setting for a coffee bar. With hooks to hold cups and plenty of storage on shelves above and below the main counter area, it can keep the joe flowing 24/7.

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15 Coffee Bars to Put Pep in Your Home Design

The explosion in popularity of single-serve coffeemakers like the Keurig has given rise to a new home design trend: the coffee bar. Making a cup of coffee now requires minimal effort, and many of us feel free to indulge in our favorite hot beverage throughout the day, as opposed to just in the morning. There's no need to venture out to the coffee shop on the corner when it’s easier than ever to enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee at home—a convenience especially appreciated by telecommuters. Coffee is such a fixture in our lives, it seems natural to set aside a special place for the satisfying ritual of making it. Here are some of our favorite examples of home coffee bars from around the Web.

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