Slide 1: DIY Rain Barrel


Summer can bring scorching temperatures and scarce rainfall to some regions. Keep your water bills down and still maintain a green lawn by watering smart. Water early, evenly, and only as much as your lawn can efficiently absorb. It's better to give your grass a good soak every three days than a little bit every day. If city ordinances allow, consider a rain barrel. 

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Bob Vila's 10 "Must Do" Projects for June

The first day of summer is almost here, and memories of the long, cruel winter have all but left our collective consciousness. Since June is a great month to fire up the BBQ and soak up some rays, make sure your yard is both comfortable and beautiful. Follow proper lawn care, keep pests at bay, and consider adding some budget-friendly summer style to the front porch (deck or patio). If you want easy access to bikes, mowers, and sports equipment, be sure to clean and organize the garage. And, don't neglect the inside of the house! You can easily transform any room with a new color or patterned wallpaper. Check out all this and more in my "must do" projects for June!

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