Slide 1: DIY Room Divider


Fantasies of having a home office and walk-in-closet can be crushed by the cramped realities of apartment living. But, don't give up! You can keep that spare room dream alive if you learn to harness the power of the divider. Here are ten inventive designs that you easily can make yourself—no board approval required.

Divide and Conquer: 14 Room Dividers to Bring Order to Your Space

A room divider can create privacy in a small space, or define new areas in a large, open space. The beauty of the room divider, as opposed to a wall, is its impermanence. Installing room dividers maintains the flexibility to change a space’s utility with relative ease. They can be moveable— sliding away or hanging down to suit the needs of the moment. They can be opaque— allowing light to permeate and air to circulate. A bookcase or curtains make some of the fastest room dividers, but you can DIY one with almost anything— even rope or old vinyl LPs. With a little creativity you can find a solution that will fit your budget, design style, and lifestyle needs. Check out these homemade room divider ideas from around the web.

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