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This simple workbench plan offers plenty of shelving for storage, both above and below eye level. The back incorporates pegboard for handy tool display. Vertical shelf supports make room for hanging oversize essentials like levels and pipe clamps, ensuring ample functionality in a small space.

Get to Work! 15 DIY Workbenches, Craft Counters, and Potting Tables

Whether you’re a woodworker, gardener, craft-a-holic, or avid DIYer, you need a comfortable work table in order to complete your projects. Sure, there are loads of workbenches, craft tables, and potting benches available for purchase, but why not make your own and save money in the process! Build a workbench from scratch, or incorporate pre-made materials like bookshelves, countertops, cubbies, or cabinets. There are loads of great options.

When designing your own DIY craft table or workbench, follow some basic guidelines. A tabletop height between 32 - 36 inches allows most people to comfortably work either standing, or sitting at a bar stool. Take your own height, comfort, and work needs into account when creating your design. Storage is a must, so incorporate shelving, drawers, cubbies, and pegboard in a way that serves your particular needs. The depth of your table will depend on the kind of work you do. In general, 30 inches is not too deep for most people to reach back to front, but if you work on larger pieces, you’ll want a deeper table surface.

Repurpose a dresser, or recycle some pallets. Put it on wheels, or fold it into the wall. You can even make it completely portable! The options are truly endless. No matter what kind of craft you do, there’s a DIY work table design for you. Check out our favorite examples from around the Web.

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