Slide 1: Edgar Degas' House


Authentic 19th-century decor is just one of the reasons you should plan a trip to the Degas House, a New Orleans bed-and-breakfast. It isn't well known that French Impressionist Edgar Degas had relatives in America—but he did, and to drive home this point, the walls are bedecked with reproductions of the artwork he created during the year he lived in this family home.

Get Away! 10 Breathtaking Homes You Can Rent for a Weekend

Summer's a great time to get away from it all—school's out, work is slower (or at least feels that way), and nice weather makes for smoother travel. A hotel is the obvious choice for accommodations, but one alternative—a home rental—might be the way to go this year. More space, privacy, and access to a full kitchen are just a few of the reasons you should consider renting a home for your next getaway. We did a little digging to unearth beautiful and unique homes worthy of your next vacation—even if room service isn't included. Some are historical, some were designed by famous architects, and others were once home to a few people whose names you might recognize—and they all guarantee you'll return home rested and relaxed.

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