Slide 5: Exotic Hardwood Floors


Exotic hardwoods, such as the Tobacco Road Acacia pictured here (available from Lumber Liquidators), feature vibrant colors and unique, stand-out wood grains that combine to eye-catching effect. In home design that emphasizes the beauty of natural materials, exotic hardwoods are a perennial favorite, and engineered variations bring these otherwise cost-prohibitive species within reach of most project budgets. 

6 Fall Flooring Trends to Look Forward To

Most interior designers agree that in any space, flooring sets the tone. This means that decorating decisions about such things as furniture and lighting should be made with due consideration for a room's existing flooring. Installing a new floor, on the other hand, leaves you free to pursue any look you happen to love, and that includes the most current styles. Given the variety of wood flooring available these days, whether you’re after a sleek and modern aesthetic or a rustic, antique feel, you're sure to find an option so spectacularly well-suited that it will make your home look like it belongs in the pages of a magazine.

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