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On her popular blog, author and home office expert Lisa Kanarek shares advice on all aspects of working from home. Click through to read her top tips on designing the perfect home office space, one that not only meets your specific needs, but also inspires your work.

10 Tips for Creating a Home Office That Works for You

More and more people are telecommuting, as the benefits of remote work are being seen by companies and employees alike. If your home is where your office is, you need to create an environment that will be productive, inspiring, and comfortable. The perfect home office marries together design ideas carried through rest of the home with those from the corporate workplace to create the ultimate work environment—a place you enjoy being and where you can get things done.

When planning and designing your home office, focus on the few key design concepts that make any space work: functionality, environment, and aesthetics. In the functional category are your work spaces and storage. Decisions you make about desks, chairs, and filing systems will depend on your personal work needs. Most importantly, they should be sufficient and comfortable. Make sure your desk is big enough to accommodate the tasks you need to accomplish and that your chair is properly adjusted for optimal ergonomics. And as clutter is productivity’s enemy, choose storage solutions that will keep your tools and papers both tucked and away and tidy for you.

Environmental factors are things like light, sound, heating, and cooling. For best concentration, make sure you set up shop in a quiet space with sufficient lighting, especially if you work in the darker hours of the evening. A window that provides natural light during the day will help you stay alert and productive. Going back to the important idea of comfort, ensure that your home office has adequate ventilation for both you and your equipment and that the temperature can be controlled for your preferences. Finally, while aesthetics may seem like a luxury or final touch, know that the right colors and decor can help to inspire new ideas and keep you motivated on the job. Pull in rugs and artwork that make you happy and energized, and you’ll look forward to going to work in the morning.

Making the right decisions about your home office design can make the difference between working hard... and hardly working. So, check through these ideas home office expert Lisa Kanarek has to offer, and transform your home office into the perfect working oasis.

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