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If there is one word that is most often associated with cozy, it's soft. To achieve a loftier level of luxury, use a cushy featherbed as the foundation for your bedding. As you're sinking down, your contentment factor can't go anywhere but up.

10 Simple Ingredients for a Very Comfortable Bed

Although getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night may be a bit of a pipe dream, that's no reason not to make our bedroom spaces dreamy. Our beds beckon us to escape, relax, reflect, and yes, sleep. All of these are made better by a requisite amount of coziness. What makes a bed cozy, you may ask? For some, it's a pile of pillows to sink into; for others, coziness may be more about what's above and around you rather than what's underneath. Whatever your snuggly style, here are 10 ideas for transforming your bed into a sanctuary that's tailored just for you.

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