Slide 1: French Horn Lamp


Breathe new life into your retired French horn by turning it into a custom-made lamp. The clean lines of a simple wood base and lampshade offer a striking contrast to the graceful curves of the brass instrument. This project goes a tad beyond rewiring a lamp, but the effort will be enlightening. 

10 New Ways to Reimagine Old Musical Instruments

Many of us have musical instruments that occupy a special place in our hearts, even if they no longer occupy a place in our lives. It's hard to imagine parting with your first guitar or disposing of a piano that nobody plays. Instead of letting an instrument with sentimental value gather dust, why not make it perform again as part of your home decor? Here are 10 repurposed instruments—from a tuba fountain birdbath to a trumpet iPod amplifier—to inspire both your inner musician and DIY ambitions. Play it again, Sam!

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