Slide 1: Front Door Paint


Painting your front door a striking color is risky, but it will really grab attention. Picking the right shade (and finish) is key, and the choice will depend on your existing color palette and house style. The goal here is to go bold without being obnoxious. If you can strike that balance, then you’re working some serious curb appeal!

Instant Curb Appeal: 15 Fast Facade Fix-Ups

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." While this phrase usually refers to people, it also applies to houses. The exterior of your home offers visitors and passersby their first hint at the people who live inside, so why not make it truly reflect your personality? A tidy, well-decorated facade and well-landscaped front yard speak volumes about your design style and maintenance habits. A few quick updates like those gathered here will get your home's facade looking its very best and ensure a great first impression!

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