Slide 1: Gable Roof


The gable roof, that classic triangle, is by far the most popular roof style in America. Some gable roofs are embellished with rafters and trim, while others are a little more minimalist. The gable provides good ventilation and adequate ceiling space, and it sheds water effectively.

The Suburban Skyline: Roof Styles of America

Your mother was right when she told you that “you’re lucky to have a roof over your head”—and not just to keep the rain out! A lovely or striking roof design can be a home's crowning glory, and with the wealth of rooflines to choose from, it can be tough to pick the right "crown." American architecture abounds in both classic and contemporary roof styles, informed variously by Old World European elements, early Colonial structures, and modern trends. The roofline of your home can remain flush with the walls or extend from one to four feet out; it can be austere or ornate, embellished with ornamental moldings, turrets, dormers, or cornices. And these are just a few of the possibilities. We're just getting started here... are you feeling a little roof envy?

Roofing & Siding

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