Slide 1: GE Oven


While they won’t chop the onions and marinate the roast for you, some GE Profile wall ovens are equipped with the company's Brillion technology, which lets you remotely turn them on, start preheating, and set the timer. On double ovens, you can even control each oven separately—a nice energy-saving feature that makes this appliance an especially fun and functional kitchen addition.

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12 House Functions You Didn't Know You Could Control from Your Phone

Thanks to the Internet and ever-improving mobile technology, smartphones let you hold the world in your hand. You can video chat with a friend in Dubai, look up the latest hometown news no matter where you are, and find out what your favorite restaurant in Prague is serving up for dinner tonight. Recently, smartphones have been adding yet another feature to their already long list of offerings: home controllers. You may already know that your smartphone can work with systems like Nest and Iris to arm your security system, adjust the temperature, lock the front door, and turn the lights on and off, but we have dug up 10 other functions in and around the house that your smartphone can control that you may not have heard about—yet.

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