Slide 5: Over The Door Storage


Dr. Mommy and Friends

If you have any space above the door frame, take advantage of that as well. A shelf above the door will provide great out-of-the-way bathroom storage for extra supplies, many of which can be disguised in decorative bins, baskets, and glass jars.

12 Easy Ways to Boost Bathroom Storage

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most important room in the house. No matter who you are, chances are the time you spend each day in the bathroom is important to your routine. And every bathroom task requires supplies: towels, toiletries, lotions and potions. The small space of a bathroom can make it challenging to organize. But there is a multitude of creative space saving solutions available to make life easier, from cabinets and shelving to space efficient bathroom furniture. Can you upsize your medicine cabinet? Can you put shelving above the door? There are ways to maximize storage in the smallest of spaces— even over the toilet and behind the door. Here are our favorite bathroom storage ideas from around the web. Which one will you implement today?


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