Slide 2: Gray Bathroom


If you have exposed pipes in a room, they don't have to be strictly linear. You can install joints along the pipes’ path to make interesting patterns on the wall, or have a length of pipe custom-bent for you by a professional pipe fitter or metalworker, as was the case here.

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Exposed! 10 Tips for Showing Off Ducts, Pipes, Beams and More

Pipes. Beams. Ductwork. These things are generally hidden in our homes behind walls, in ceilings, and within soffits. Sometimes, however, it pays to leave some of these tubes, conduits, and structural elements exposed to serve as edgy decorative statements. Done right, this approach can lend an industrial flair to any space, but the key here is “done right.” If you don’t take special care in showing off what's usually concealed, you’ll end up with spaces that look unfinished rather than thoughtfully conceived. Here are 10 ways to use pipes, beams, and ductwork to maximum effect in fulfilling your design aspirations.

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