Slide 1: Gray Paint


Want to re-create the almost palpable relaxing mood found here? Begin by painting the walls in a "barely there" shade of gray. Next, layer in slightly darker colors along with a few fun but understated patterns. Finish off the inviting, uncluttered look with white-painted trim and sheer window treatments.

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9 Calming Colors for a Serene Home

With life more hectic than ever, we are all eager to fashion our homes as restful, relaxing sanctuaries. For a haven away from the cares of the world, include such essentials as comfortable furnishings and objects with sentimental value. Thoughtful color selection is another effective way to achieve serenity. Soothing shades range from snowy white to soft blue, foggy gray to pale peach. All radiate a sense of calm, helping you regroup, recharge, and face each day with renewed energy.


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