Slide 1: Green and White Kitchen


One design benefit of having only a small amount of wall space to work with is that you can mix and match colors and patterns without fear that the look will overpower the room. Here, a tiny patch of wall surrounded by white cabinets becomes a canvas for a cheerful checkerboard of blue and green tiles; the green-and-white shade at the window adds a whimsical touch.

11 Inspiring Kitchens That Defy Their Small Size

Many homeowners dream of a kitchen with loads of workspace, lots of storage, and all the latest gadgets. But what if your kitchen is so small that you're unsure it can accommodate your vision? Fear not. The 11 inspiring rooms that follow prove one important point: Just because your room lacks square footage does not mean you have to skimp on style. With clever color choices, smart storage ideas, and an eye for detail, you can turn a kitchen of any size into the room of your dreams.


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