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Whether the plot is big or small, in the country or in the city, virtually every gardener covets a small greenhouse to start seedlings, protect delicate flowers or grow out-of-season herbs and vegetables. Fortunately, enough greenhouse kits are on the market to meet almost every requirement and budget. Here are some of our favorite DIY greenhouses, starting with this beauty from BC Greenhouse.

Build Your Own Greenhouse: 11 Easy-to-Assemble Kits

A die-hard gardener’s ultimate dream is having a greenhouse in the backyard. If this is your dream, it’s not as far away as you might think. You don’t necessarily have to enlist a contractor and pull together plans. You don’t need to be a billionaire. DIY greenhouse kits have brought the cost way down, and make it easy to build a greenhouse in the space that you have. Designs range from simple to elaborate, from cheap to extravagant. So, whether you have a small patio space, or a big backyard, you can find a DIY greenhouse that is right for you. Some use very modest materials, like PVC, while others use heavy gauge aluminum. You can find sophisticated models, with vents that automatically open when the temperature gets too hot. And some models are so small and simple, they are actually portable. Take a look at some of the DIY greenhouse kits that are available for purchase online or from your local home center. Dreams can come true.

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