Slide 1: Hack a Shoe Organizer


If you’re not using your pocket organizer for shoes, it makes a great home for just about anything else. In a bedroom closet, use it for tights, leggings, and repair tools—as shown here. In a supply closet, fill it with cleaning tools and sprays. In the entryway, it’s great for sunblock, gloves, hats, and dog leashes.

10 "Zero Dollar" Storage Hacks

Closets are built with doors for a reason: They’re meant to hide stuff. Still, these essential storage spots are some of the most-used spaces in any home—so why not make them as appealing and user-friendly as possible? Outfitted with colorful fixtures and smart tools, an organized closet, dresser, or craft room can be a thing of beauty. Even better, it can be pulled together on the tightest of budgets. Here are 10 ways to conquer clutter by repurposing items you may already have on hand, such as cardboard boxes and coat hangers. Put these simple no-cost DIY tricks to work in storage spaces from the front hall to the master bedroom—then go ahead and leave the doors wide open!


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