Slide 1: Hanging Planter


Outdoor spaces are just where you want to hang out on beautiful summer days. You'll enjoy sitting under the shade of a leafy tree even more when you're next to a hanging planter that doubles as a small side table, perfect for setting down your lemonade. How refreshing!

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10 Playful Examples of Swinging and Swaying Furniture

While most people are good at utilizing all four walls of their rooms for furniture and decor, it is easy to forget about the ceiling. Suspending furniture like chairs, beds, and tables from the ceiling is a great way to make use of the fifth wall, while drawing your eye upwards to take in the full height of the room. Hanging furniture needs to be attached to ceiling joists to hold their own weight, plus the additional weight of people or other objects. Make sure to consult a professional to make sure you are using the correct tools and materials to suspend these pieces safely and correctly. Click through the gallery for ideas that will get your brain in full swing.

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