Slide 1: Laundry Room Closet


Do you have an extra closet? It's great for storing clothes, but you can put it to work cleaning and drying them instead—and all behind closed doors. This solution is the easiest way to keep your taskmasters handy but tidily concealed.

How to Make Any Room Into a Laundry Room

Even if space isn't at a premium, a whole room devoted just to doing laundry can seem wasteful. In fact, given that when you're engaged in this time-consuming chore you're inevitably multitasking, why not place your washer and dryer in a location that makes it easier to double up on household duties or squeeze in some recreation between loads? You can turn just about any room in your home into a full-function laundry without sacrificing its main purpose. Some of these dual-use spaces keep the washer and dryer on full display, while others keep them out of sight when not in action. So, take a look and get planning. Who knows—once you've created one of these flexible laundry spaces, you may even find yourself looking forward to folding towels.

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