Slide 1: Laundry Room Closet


Schlepping hampers to the laundry room becomes a thing of the past with this spacious closet that also houses a stacked washer and dryer. Putting on clothes fresh from the dryer—what could be better?

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11 Design Inspirations for (Much) Better Closet Storage

Sure, good storage contributes to organization in any area of the home, but a well-planned, impeccably finished closet is paramount to keeping the bedroom clutter-free and therefore serene. All it takes is a little thought and minimal effort to turn the storage spot into an orderly, luxurious sanctuary. While it helps to have a closet with plenty of space, how you use that space is more important. Closet-specific organizational systems often cover all of the bases, or, if that’s out of your budget, you can get creative with repurposed organizers. Reuse a bookshelf for shoe storage, an umbrella stand to house odd items like yoga mats, and baskets or bins to corral accessories. Even kids' closets can be kept tidy with the right planning! Move rods down to their level, so they can select and put away things on their own. And there’s no reason you can’t make it engaging and fun for them at the same time: Just add painted accents or hang special artwork to energize the storage. Whichever closet you're looking to tackle, make sure to use every inch of your available space, including the backs of deep shelves, and the way-up-high places. Those spots are perfect for storing off-season clothing and accessories. You’re more likely to wear things that you’re able to see, so avoid overcrowding and de-clutter regularly. Less is more! With this sort of care and consideration, even modestly sized closets can become positively dreamy. Click through our online gallery of meticulously designed closet ideas to see what full storage potential looks like.


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