Slide 1: Laundry Room Closet


Schlepping hampers to the laundry room becomes a thing of the past with this spacious closet that also houses a stacked washer and dryer. Putting on clothes fresh from the dryer—what could be better?

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11 Design Inspirations for (Much) Better Closet Storage

It's often those details that are invisible to all but the most acute observers that make an interior exceptional. This is particularly true in the bedroom, where one of this space's key features typically lies behind closed doors—closet doors, to be specific. A well-planned, impeccably finished closet is the trick to keeping the bedroom serene and clutter-free. With a little thought and a modicum of effort, the bedroom closet can become an orderly, luxurious sanctuary. While it helps to have a closet with plenty of space, how you use that space is more important. Organization is crucial, but so are design details that make the closet both easy to use and easy on the eyes. With care and consideration, even modestly sized closets can become positively dreamy. Click through our online gallery of meticulously designed closets to be transported to sheer storage bliss.


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