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In addition to tuning up your mower, you should take steps to prevent weed growth in your lawn. An organic herbicide will help do the trick. Also, consider reseeding on a regular basis. This will make your lawn denser, which will help keep out those pesky weeds. 

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Bob Vila's 10 "Must Do" Projects for May

May is a month worth celebrating. Those April showers have gone, leaving in their wake beautiful spring flowers, and the heat of summer has yet to arrive. As the days become warmer and sunnier, seasonal maintenance both inside and outside the house seems like less of a chore. Make the most of this energizing season by getting your lawn off to a good start, reviving your outdoor furniture, and improving your home's curb appeal. Inside, you'll want to make certain your air conditioning units are in good working order for the summer months ahead. Here are the 10 top "must-do" projects for May.

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