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  1. Chippers_rapid%20fire

    Rapid-Feed DR® Chipper

    Clear brush piles fast and turn them to wood chips.

  2. Trimmer_mower

    DR®Trimmer / Mower

    The easier way to trim and mow.

  3. Stump%20grinder

    DR® Stump Grinder

    Stump removal fast & easy.

  4. Rototillers

    DR® Roto-Hog™ Power Tiller

    Enjoy your best garden ever.

  5. Log%20splitters-rapidfire

    DR® RapidFire™ Log Splitter

    World’s FASTEST Log Splitter!

  6. Powerwagons

    DR® Power Wagon

    Self-propelled easy hauler.

  7. Power%20graders

    DR® Power Grader

    Smooth out rough roads.

  8. Leaf%20&%20lawn%20vacuum-towable

    DR® Leaf and Lawn Vacuum tow-behind

    Collect acres of leaves while you ride.

  9. Lawn%20vacuum

    DR® Lawn Vacuum

    The fastest, most effective way to clean-up small properties.

  10. Brush%20mowers_tow%20behind

    DR® Field and Brush Mower tow-behind

    Clear acres of overgrown property while you ride.

  11. Brush%20mowers_self-propelled

    DR® Field and Brush Mower

    Cut thick brush, open views, mow trails!

  12. Log%20splitters-dual%20action

    DR® Dual-Action Log Splitter

    Split logs fast! Dual-Action splits in both directions.

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