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A Synthetic Grass As Real As Mother Nature's

NewGrass™ gives a front yard the curb appeal and inviting environment it was meant to have. Natural looking NewGrass™ synthetic lawn complements any style of landscaping or terrain. This home had an unusual combination of angles and curves. NewGrass™ rye provides a yard that fits the home perfectly.


A NewGrass™ backyard is a backyard that is as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable to play and walk on. Regardless of other landscape features a yard may have, such as this family’s designed pathways and terraces, NewGrass™ completes the picture.


Dogs love to romp and roll on NewGrass™. That’s one reason top pet resorts, as well as satisfied homeowners, have chosen NewGrass™ for their yards and play areas. Also, NewGrass™ is immune to the damage pets can cause.


NewGrass™ is perfect for commercial applications. A new Phoenix-area Toyota dealership wanted to complement its interior, which had a waiting area that felt more like the lobby of a nice hotel than a car dealership. The dealership got an equally inviting exterior with the application of NewGrass™.


Kids love NewGrass™ because it’s always there and always soft. No more scraped knees from dirt play areas or turf grasses that are more dirt than grass. That’s the main reason NewGrass™ was installed at Arizona State University’s daycare center. Another advantage: No dirt and mud tracked inside.


Dogs love NewGrass™ just as much as their owners do. They love the way it feels, and it’s always there for them, no matter what climate they live in. Their owners like NewGrass™ because it makes waste cleanup easy and never gets ugly brown spots.

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NewGrass™ lets you enjoy your home the way you’ve always wanted to—with a lush, green lawn that you and your family can take advantage of year-round.

Regardless of where you live or the type of landscaping you have, NewGrass™ can give you the lawn your home was meant to have. From the day your NewGrass™ lawn is installed, you have a front yard with outstanding curb appeal or a backyard with unparalleled family appeal …. or both!

NewGrass™ is one of the finest in the new generation of artificial grasses that the entire family will love … including your pets.

Dogs love to romp and roll on NewGrass™ and it’s impervious to the usual damage that dogs cause natural turf. Those are two reasons NewGrass™ has been installed at highly respected pet resorts.

Kids love NewGrass™, too. No more scrapped knees. No more torn or stained pants just from rolling around on the grass. Schools (and moms!) love NewGrass™ because it really reduces the amount of dirt and dust tracked inside. Those are some of the reasons elementary schools have installed NewGrass™ in their play areas.

NewGrass™ offers an incredibly natural-looking and exceptionally natural-feeling lawn year-round with next to no maintenance and no watering. You can say goodbye to expensive and wasteful watering, time-consuming weeding and mowing, and harmful pesticides.

NewGrass™ only requires a blowing off with a leaf blower to remove any debris and an occasional spraying with the garden hose to wash away any dust. Every few months it may also require a light raking to refresh the blades. But that’s about it!

NewGrass™ is an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass:

> No weed killers required, because you simply don’t have any weeds.
> No aggravating and potentially dangerous allergens that are normally hosted by weeds.
> No watering required, helping preserve an increasing precious commodity and lowering your water bill.

NewGrass™ is available in Rye, Fescue and Sport varieties, each with a manufacturer-issued seven-year warranty. From the backyard to the schoolyard, and for any use in between or beyond, NewGrass™ will save you time and money today and over the long run. NewGrass™ is the perfect alternative for:

> Schoolyards
> Commercial landscaping
> Residential lawns
> Public-use and roadway landscaping
> Institutional uses
> Pet runs and pet parks
> Parks and recreation areas
> Athletic surfaces

Finally, NewGrass™ is sold only through selected, authorized NewGrass™ distributors. When you choose NewGrass™, you are partnering with one of the most respected artificial grass sales and installations companies in the industry.

Whether you’re installing a backyard or a schoolyard, your NewGrass™ distributor is there to help you from project concept to completion. You get expert, helpful support and advice. And, you can count on prompt, on-time service.

NewGrass™ installers are not day laborers hired one job at a time. They are team members who work directly for their NewGrass™ distributors. They are devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction.