Slide 1: Mirror Makes Room Look Bigger


Mirrors aren't just for checking your hairdo. Hanging one ranks among the best methods to make a small space feel considerably larger. For maximum effect, position the mirror opposite a bright window to bounce light back into the room, so it seems bright and airy (though it may not, in fact, be either). Another approach is to cluster a group of framed mirrors: You get the same result but with visual interest, to boot.

8 Classic Ways to Make a Small Room Look Big

Plagued by tiny rooms? It's a common problem, especially in older houses, but employing a few simple tricks can help you make do with a room of virtually any size. More so than the dimensions of the space, what truly matters is how you make use of the square footage available. Click through to see eight impeccably designed rooms, each with a valuable lesson in small-space planning to impart.

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