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If you crave a natural look underfoot but don't want real-life texture, options abound. Choose from a variety of vinyl designs, mimicking everything from pebbles to a sandy beach, that can bring the soothing touch of nature to the home environment.

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Vinyl Renaissance: 10 Flooring Looks You Won't Believe

Though it’s gotten a bad rap in past years, vinyl flooring is making a comeback. Although relative ease of installation has long been one of the material's selling points, it's now the range of design options that is putting vinyl once again underfoot. Innovative and creative patterns let homeowners customize their floors and mimic looks that might be far out of their budget, allowing them to achieve, say, the rustic warmth of reclaimed wood flooring without the hefty price tag that accompanies the real deal. And did we mention vinyl's low maintenance? Wiping a vinyl floor clean is a simple task that doesn’t require special cleaners and polishes. To help get you reacquainted with vinyl, here are some of our favorite new patterns. We think they'll really catch your eye—and they just might get you to reconsider this forgotten player in the world of flooring.

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