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This bright and cheery living/dining room makes good use of double-duty furniture, including a dining table that also serves as an expansive workspace. Modular glass-fronted cabinets neatly store filing boxes, books, and glassware. A chair hung high on the wall provides an additional shelf but is easily retrieved when it's needed for entertaining.

Multiple Personalities: 10 Fantastically Flexible Spaces in Today's Home

Many people today not only live in their homes but also work, play, and entertain in them too, all in the comfort of their favorite place. You can do the same, so long as you don't let your home's size limit its potential uses. One secret to making your home more functional is to create multipurpose spaces—living rooms, dining rooms, and spare rooms—that do double or even triple duty. To get a sense of the possibilities, check out this selection of skilled and stylish multitaskers.

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